Full Product Design

Our Chartered Engineer and Chartered Manager ensure your project is in safe hand from the project management & quality assurance as well as the technical expertise.

We can help you in every steps to bring your idea to reality.

  • Concept
  • Technical Specification
  • User interaction
  • Usability, ergonomics
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Validation
  • Certification
  • Manufacturing

We provide a complete Internet of Things (IoT) prototyping and development service.

We help in the transition to Smart Cities, the fit step is to collect data using IoT sensors, but it is important to have a plan at the beginning to ensure the data is useful and meaningful. CEEQ Design offer consultancy, system design and development and machine learning and AI expertise.

Air Quality Monitoring is important and our ability to create bespoke instrument allow us to offer a product that fit your needs by combining proven technologies.

For more information about specific design:

  • Electronics Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Software Design and Firmware Design

Example of Products that our engineers have experience in

  • Marine mammal deterrent / pinger
  • Marine mammal sound recorder , porpoise sound recorder
  • Underwater sound recorder
  • Underwater communication
  • Cathodic Protection Power Supply Control
  • Cathodic Protection Monitoring
  • Impressed Curent cathodic protection system
  • Ag/AgCl reference electrode
  • Zinc reference electrode
  • 1000m Subsea housing design
  • 4000m Subsea housing design
  • Pressure vessel design
  • Subsea pressure balance housing design
  • Subsea display
  • Subsea ROV switch / diver switch
  • Subsea optical communication data link
  • Hydrotest data logger
  • Pressure and temperature data logger
  • Automated data acquisition system with water activation
  • Water level monitoring system with SMS alarm
  • Bar code scanner connected to a database and printer to print prices of products automatically
  • Electronic circuit board design to work in the North Pole
  • Acoustic modems
  • Self contain data acquisition and transmission over an acoustic link
  • 3G real-time data acquisition and transmission over cloud
  • Buoy connected with radio modems
  • Fluorometer design
  • Automatic Programming, Testing and Calibration jig
  • Subsea vibration monitoring system
  • Subsea strain monitoring system
  • Subsea clamp design
  • Use of magnets underwater
  • Instrument with 10 years battery life
  • Modification of pump to allows remote control and apply bespoke pressure cycles
  • Instrument fatigue automatic testing
  • Air quality monitoring system with Cloud integration