Bespoke Electronics Design

CEEQ Design can provide a full development service for bespoke electronics, including schematic design, PCB layout, management of the manufacture and assembly, and final testing.

We use the latest version of Altium Designer allowing the use of the Manufacturer Part Search giving us direct access to supplier stock level and cost of components.

Calculation are done on Excel sheet to ensure trackability and documentation of the design. 

If some part of the design are not clear, development board can be used to get a proof of concept or part of the circuit can be created on stripboard or breadboard.

We also use simulation software to ensure the circuit performance.

Once the components are selected and the schematic is completed, the Printed Circuit Board PCB is created. A 3D version for the board can be exported to insert into the enclosure CAD design.

Then the Gerber files and part list are created containing the manufacturing information for the PCB.

We send the manufacturing instruction to our trusted subcontractor or use your preferred manufacturer for the PCB fabrication and assembly.

We then use state of the art equipment to validate the design; multichannel oscilloscope, multimeters, power profilers, logic analyser etc...

Example of Electronics Design that our engineers have experience in

  • DSP acquisition system with data processing
  • Ultra Low power microprocessor
  • Accelerometer / Magnetometer / Gyroscope
  • Photodiode amplifier
  • LED drivers
  • Step-up power supply design
  • Step-down power supply design
  • Low power acquisition system
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Low noise signal amplification
  • Filter design
  • SPI communication devices
  • I2C devices
  • 2 wires power and communication interfaces
  • 4-20mA interfaces
  • Transformer design
  • Inductor design
  • High Voltage signal transmission for transducer
  • Transducer matching
  • Transducer design
  • Hydrophone amplifier
  • Transducer matching and transformer
  • Load cell interfaces
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Wifi communication
  • Communication bus
  • Memory interfaces
  • SD card interfaces
  • Shielding