We have processes in place to ensure your development run smoothly and Chartered Manager to ensure that they are followed.

Our main processes are:

  • Sales
  • Design
  • Manufacturing

We discuss with you your requirement, provide consultancy if needed. 

We create a proposal and quotation to ensure the requirements are clear for everyone.

Once we get the order, we schedule it and start the design.

We plan the project according to its size and ensure all the control measures are in place to guarantee the success of the project.

The engineering design process is there to ensure the needs and constraints are clearly identified, then the problem is researched, we imagine possible solutions and select a promising one and plan it. We create a prototype, test it and validate it and improve it if need be. We have got a right first time mind set. We ensure the design is well documented and created the manufacturing pack.

Then the manufacturing process can start; first is the procurement then the assembly and testing, followed by the quality control. We also do a factory acceptance test, then the goods are ready for dispatch.