About Us

We are passionate about technology.

CEEQ Design (Coding Electronics, Engineering, Quality) was founded in 2020 by the curent Managing Director Nicolas LEFEBVRE. Nicolas has got more than 12 years experience in the design of instrumentation mainly used for underwater application. Nicolas studied a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, he is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Manager and European Engineer.

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The world is changing, there is a need for certainty, by outsourcing your design, the risk is on us, we agreed a price and we guarantee it.

Using qualified Chartered Engineer and Chartered Manager, we ensure that your design is in safe hands.

We discuss your requirement and provide you with a lead time and a quotation.

We agree at the beginning who will own the design. We are happy to sign Non-disclosure agreement to ensure the design can be discussed safely.

We plan the project according to its size and ensure all the control measures are in place to guarantee the success of the project.

We use trusted subcontractors for:

  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacture
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Battery Manufacture
  • Precision Machining
  • 3D printing
  • Laser Cutting / Water Jet Cutting

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