IoT System for Production Facility – Industry 4.0


Environment: Production facility

Client Sector: Industry

Services provided: 

  • Selection of high-quality sensors
  • Low power electronics to acquire and transmit the data
  • LoRa network infrastructure setup
  • Mechanical design of enclosure and mounting arrangement
  • Dashboard for data processing

Our Case Study:

Challenge - Our client is a production facility needing to measure and monitor key indicators at different locations of the production site: Inventory Tracking, CO2, Temperature, Legionella, Noise.

Solution - In this case, the first crucial step is to discuss in-depth the needs with our customer to identify the goals to be achieved. We do not want to include features that will not be used in the end. CEEQ Design is concerned with providing innovative solutions but with reasonable costs.

Once the targets are set, we develop a sensors network with an evolutive data-management system, where additional features and indicators can be easily added in the future. The sensors are carefully selected, based on essential criteria such as precision, power consumption and on capability to fit their environment (indoor or outdoor, cold or wet area). The raw data can be read from displays placed on site and the processed data can be accessed on a dedicated dashboard. Our technology uses the LoRa technology, a licence free radio network covering a range of up to 16km. By using our expertise on this technology, the cost of the system is reduced. The network can be connected to the internet but can also be accessible from a software or intranet making the data secure and not accessible from the outside world. 

Monitoring data is not only relevant for production management. The dashboard can be set to record the information for the quality audit, allowing to see if the results are in line with environmental KPI for ISO 14001 or to see the impact of changes and quantify the added value.

Future - Gathering data from now will prove to be very important in the future when Industries wish to implement Artificial Intelligence systems. In fact, in order to customize the AI systems, each company will have to provide as much data as possible. We can provide consultancy on which are the actions to implement today if your company would like to be ready for your future AI evolutions.

Our Solution strengths:

  • Secure private LoRa network
  • Indoor & Outdoor sensors
  • Flexible / Evolutive
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Integrated system